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Questions to ask before purchasing a Compact Utility Loader

admin February 10, 2020

Have you always wanted to own a compact utility loader, but not known where to start? Well, we’ve summarised the most important questions you should consider before buying one. As compact utility loaders vary highly in their models and application, our questions will help guide you in the right direction to determine which one may be the right one for you.

1. Wheels or Tracks?

  • Do I need tracks or wheels?
  • Wrap-around or fixed?
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of dedicated track versus wrap-around?
  • How well does each track system handle undulating terrain?
  • What is the ongoing cost of ownership between both track systems?
  • What is the life expectancy of each track type?
  • Is the cost of ownership differential between tracks and wheels?

Find some more details and answers here.

2. How much ground clearance does the machine have?

  • With arms in the fully lowered position and resting on the loader chassis and the bucket fully rolled back, is the lowest point of the bucket equal to the undercarriage of the loader?
  • Does the loader use the chassis as an integral part of its ability to break out ground through the loader frame or the pins and bushes?

3. Gas or Diesel powered?

Find some more details about this question here.

4. What is the lifetime return on investment?

  • Am I purchasing a known brand, and will it therefore hold its re-sale value?
  • What are the recommended service intervals? Can you purchase a DIY service kit?

5. Where Is the compact utility loader manufactured?

  • Am I buying an American/Australian quality made product or re-badged products manufactured overseas that claim to be?
  • Does the manufacturer have a network for after-sales support and service?

6. What are the operator safety features?


7. Does the compact utility loader have advanced engineering features?

  • Is the centre of the wheel positioned over the bearing? Zero overhang protects against seal damage, and unnecessary maintenance.
  • Does the loader have a self-levelling feature to avoid load spillage?

8. What are the ergonomics of the compact utility loader like, standing position, and control interface?

We recommend you test-drive any compact utility loader under similar conditions, to determine the right choice for you!
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2 replies on “Questions to ask before purchasing a Compact Utility Loader”

Rich Baker says:

Looking for a small mover.

Elisa Frank says:

Hi Rich, thanks for your comment. We are happy to get in touch with you for more information and will contact you via e-mail. Thanks!

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