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FBC Benton Repairs

Leo Contador May 24, 2020

FBC Benton Repairs

“I would not want to be without [a Kanga] again!” – John, from FBC Benton Repairs –

John, from FBC Benton Repairs shared with Kanga a little about his background within the construction industry – And his experience with a Kanga Loader.

“I have been a multi-skilled craftsman and contractor since the 1980’s. I graduated high school, and chose a career path in the construction industry.
As many did in the 1970’s, I began my trade as a laborer, I worked my way through an apprenticeship, journeyman, and then master, to eventually launch a business of my own, serving customers within my local community.

Originally, I bought my Kanga compact loader to increase efficiency, and make various tasks less labor-intensive. I especially love the grapple bucket, due to the grab hold and load capability, in addition to the loader bucket function of the assembly. I have auger and trencher attachments that are impressive, due to their design and ability to get the job done!

Having a Kanga loader close at hand will change the way you used to do work; it is about as sensible as having pockets in your pants – I would not want to be without it again!”

FBC Benton Repairs - hero shot of PW628 Kanga compact loader

John Stonesifer Owner / Operator 211 South Market Street, Benton, AR 72015, USA

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