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Leo Contador May 20, 2020

Sun Scape Services

David from Sun Scape Services shares his experience with Kanga –

After having lived and worked in Connecticut for several years where David from Sun Scape Services was initially getting involved in cutting greens at a golf course, him and his wife Tammy moved back to Utah. They started a small business mowing lawns. We wanted to find out a little more about their Kanga Loader journey to landscaping.

“We ran a lawn mowing business for around 10 years, before getting our first Kanga Loader in 2001 – Shortly after we took part in a demonstration. I had never seen a machine so well built in its simplicity for what it was.

Years later, we moved to Las Vegas, where we started another maintenance service. This time, we began to branch out into landscaping more and more to keep up with market demand. Our Kanga loader was our first huge advantage over our competition in the tough Las Vegas market. We have worked the machine long and hard. Servicing it regularly, and keeping up on repairs.

Some years ago, we searched for another Kanga loader, and were lucky enough to find a used machine which a company no longer needed. We purchased the machine. Fast-forwarding to today, both machines still make us money, and keep work moral higher – Even all these years after. I am so excited that Kanga Loaders is now also established in the US!”

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Sun Scape Services photo from 2002 - Kanga Loaders North America

David Owner / Operator Las Vegas

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