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Kanga Loaders 8 Series Diesel Powered Compact LoaderKanga Loaders 8 Series Diesel Powered Compact Loader

DT825 DIESEL POWERED Compact Loader - Tracked

The 8 Series DT825 diesel powered loader has been designed with features to offer you an edge over smaller loaders on the market; with increased lift capacity and longer reach – Best suited for hard working attachments, and tough site conditions. With a broad range of attachment availability, as well as aftermarket machine options to consider, our range of 8 Series loaders will help increase jobsite productivity, and give you a leading edge within your industry. Kanga's DT825 mini loader comes fitted with a Kubota diesel engine, heavy duty two-stage 5″ Donaldson air cleaner, and tracks (for added stability on uneven surfaces). A large operator platform allows a wider stance, for improved safety and fatigue reduction, whilst a safety cell ensures the operator is enclosed within the operating platform. For additional support on rough terrain, our 8 Series loaders also come with side bump protection.
ENGINE TYPE Kubota D902 Diesel
TIPPING LOAD 1210 lbs (no bucket)
MACHINE WEIGHT 2203 lbs (no operator / bucket)
MAXIMUM OPERATING HEIGHT 101.2" (with bucket)
TRAVEL SPEED 3.4 mph (default) / 5.8 mph (fast mode)


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